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Pregnancy Pilates

Seated Side Bend

Pregnant and want to keep as fit and healthy as possible?


Join us in this specialist session to focus on maintaining good posture, back strength and pelvic floor function throughout this important time

No experience necessary

All welcome after 12 weeks

Booking essential- limited spaces to ensure full care and attention

  • Mobilise your spine

  • Stabilise your pelvis

  • Protect your posture

  • Relax and re-align

  • Prepare for an active birth

Wednesday 7.30pm

Live-Streamed via Zoom

You will need our Silver Monthly Membership to join this class

£29.99 per month

Term runs 7th September -14th December 2022

(No session on 26th October)


We always encourage you to work at your own pace and respect what your body needs.

This is a joint session with Back Care Pilates with the addition of a 15 minute pre-class chat to cover any specific pregnancy concerns


If you have any questions, then contact our Exercise Director Jo

5 Top Tips to keep your body healthy in Pregnancy

1. Stretch out your hamstrings and hip flexors- these groups of muscles influence your pelvic alignment- something that is already challenged as your bump grows. Stretching them out will help keep your lower back comfortable.


2. Focus on your pelvic floor connections- don’t just think about this once baby is here. Set up good foundations and you’ll be pleased you did!

3. Do not over-work your abdominal muscles- it’s important to protect the mid line of the body to offset the risk of Diastasis Recti (separating of the abdominal wall) which can cause back and stability problems.

4.Keep active- include some cardio vascular work – walking is free and easy!

5.Get plenty of rest- your body is undergoing the miraculous feat of growing another human being- so give it chance to re-cooperate with plenty of sleep.


If you are unsure if you will like Pregnancy Pilates, then why not book a FREE trial class so you can see for yourself?

Click HERE and we can arrange this for you.


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