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Pregnancy Pilates

Seated Side Bend

Pregnant and want to keep as fit and healthy as possible?


Join our on-demand Pregnancy and Post-Natal Pilates Course.

A comprehensive exercise and wellness course to take you through your pregnancy into the post-natal recovery period and beyond.


One-Time Purchase

Just £9.99

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This specialist digital course focuses on maintaining good posture, back strength and pelvic floor function throughout this important time.


This course is designed to take your right through your pregnancy and beyond:

  • Pilates exercise videos-pre & post natal

  • programme cards and handouts

  • Everything you need to help you journey through this exciting time of life in the best possible physical shape

Pilates exercises are gentle yet effective PLUS we add in extra bonus materials to support your pelvic floor and postural alignment.


No experience necessary


All welcome after 12 weeks

  • Mobilise your spine

  • Stabilise your pelvis

  • Protect your posture

  • Relax and re-align

  • Prepare for an active birth


If you have any questions, then contact our Exercise Director Jo

“I started Pilates with Jo 6 months before I conceived for a second time and continued throughout my pregnancy - I had a significantly easier pregnancy and managed a vbac at home to deliver my second angel. A truly unexpected bonus has been how I've so easily lost weight post partum. I have managed to get into jeans after 3 weeks that took 7 months after my first child! I have NEVER felt better!”

Catherine Silcock (Chiropractor)

5 Top Tips to keep your body healthy in Pregnancy

1. Stretch out your hamstrings and hip flexors- these groups of muscles influence your pelvic alignment- something that is already challenged as your bump grows. Stretching them out will help keep your lower back comfortable.


2. Focus on your pelvic floor connections- don’t just think about this once baby is here. Set up good foundations and you’ll be pleased you did!

3. Do not over-work your abdominal muscles- it’s important to protect the mid line of the body to offset the risk of Diastasis Recti (separating of the abdominal wall) which can cause back and stability problems.

4.Keep active- include some cardio vascular work – walking is free and easy!

5.Get plenty of rest- your body is undergoing the miraculous feat of growing another human being- so give it chance to re-cooperate with plenty of sleep.


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