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Here are some simple, effective exercises you can do at home
(Please consult your G.P. before starting any new exercise routine)

Shoulder Stabiliser

A person doing a shoulder stabilising exercise

This is an excellent exercise to wake up the postural muscles of the upper back and lift the rib cage to allow for improved lung and stomach function.


Start seated  with the hands out to the sides and slightly behind the body  Inhale; Now sit tall and draw the shoulder blades down and back; think proud chest! Hold momentarily and relax.


Engage your abdominals to help. Repeat 4 times. Ensure you do not hunch the shoulders up.

A person doing a Pilates exercise called Pointer

This exercise wakes up your core stabilising muscles as well as the muscles of the back.


Start in “All 4’s” position. Hands under shoulders, knees under hips. Draw your tummy muscles up and in towards the rib cage. Extend and lift right leg to hip height with left arm, maintain abdominal hollowing and actively pushing the hand and foot away from each other. Release the limbs but not abs and switch sides.

Keep your eye-line looking diagonally down.


Repeat 5 times alternating each side trying not to tilt side to side as you do so.

Knee Rolls
A person lying on a mat doing a Pilates stretch exercise

This is a great exercise if you have a stiff back and tight hips. Lying on your back, squeeze your knees and ankles together.


Keeping your shoulders glued to the mat, rotate your knees side to side with the feet stacking on their insteps. Only go as far as the knees stayed glued together.


Repeat 6 times each way ensuring your abdominals are pulled gently in.


Please avoid if you have osteoporosis.

Hip Flexor Stretch
A person doing a Pilates stretch exercise

This stretch helps open up the hips which can get tight from being seated at a desk or driving your car.


Come to kneeling, step forwards with one foot, ensuring your front knee is behind the foot. Lean your body weight forwards so that you feel a stretch in back hip.

You can also lift the same arm as the back leg up and over to stretch the side and triceps(back of the arm) further.


Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat other side.

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