Frequently Asked Questions


Where are classes held?

We use local community halls. 

We also run Zoom online live-coached sessions.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Yes. You will need the following:

A mat

A soft Pilates ball

A resistance band

A cushion for optimal alignment and comfort.


How many people are in each class?

Each session has different class numbers dependant upon the hall size to be Covid-safe.

St. Peter's in Hersham allows for 12.

All Saints in Hersham allows for 15.


Are there classes for different levels and abilities?

We currently have all our sessions listed as Mixed Ability Pilates.

We work hard to offer different ability levels in each session as everybody has strengths and weaknesses that can be programmed for.

This enables everyone to work to their own abilities, and push themselves to the next level when able.

We find Pilates lends itself well to this style of teaching.

If you are brand new to Pilates you would work at the lower levels on offer until you build your understanding of the exercises and strength and flexibility.

If you have injuries or have recently had surgery please contact us so we guide you to the most appropriate session/instructor.


Do I need to book in advance?

Yes all courses are pre-booked attendance only.

How much do classes cost?

Face to Face classes cost £10 per session, pre-booked in termly courses.

Online sessions cost £9 per session, pre-booked in termly courses.


Are classes hands on?

No: Current Covid-safe guidelines do not allow us to help clients with their alignment by touch.


Do you run classes over the summer?

Yes we run a reduced timetable over holiday periods to help keep you moving!


What qualifications do instructors have?

All our instructors have completed a minimum of a Pilates Level 3 Matwork Qualification as well as additional qualifications for a full diploma- please see our team page for each individual's specialisms.


Jo, who manages the team, has done many Pilates training courses including (amongst others) Stott, CYQ, Future Fit, Modern Pilates and Fitness Pilates as well as workshops with Rebecca Leone from the USA and Michael King. She also trains Pilates instructors nationally and has been involved in setting national occupational standards on which qualifications in the UK in Pilates are based. 

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