Jo Everill-Taylor BSc (Hons), PT Dip.


Jo is a highly experienced Movement Specialist and has now been looking after people’s health and fitness goals as an instructor for over 16 years. Having suffered back problems after the birth of her children, she is determined to share her knowledge and experience to help you become pain free.


Jo originally studied contemporary dance alongside her degree in International Business and German and ran the contemporary dance society at university, choreographing and dancing in productions.


She holds many qualifications over a vast range of subject areas:

Pilates Coach, Biomechanics Trainer, Level 4 Specialist Back Care Instructor, Exercise Referral Specialist, Pre/Post Natal Exercise Instructor, Pelvic Floor Safe Instructor, Children's Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer, Nutritional Counsellor, Group Exercise Instructor and Aqua Instructor. She is also a Master Trainer for Beamfit UK.


Jo is currently adding Kinesiology to her field of expertise.


Jo combines her coaching with international presenting for Drummond Education tutoring the next generation of instructors. Jo writes and delivers qualifications on a range of subjects  from special populations to aqua.


You can catch Jo around the country when she presents at national events such as REPs local conferences and International Fitness Showcases.

Clare Kiose


Clare has participated in sport from an early age. Since the birth of her second son, she has become very involved in swimming, particularly in the open water.


In 2013 she completed the iconic Intercontinental swim from Europe to Asia, across the Hellespont in Turkey. Future long distance swims are in the planning and Pilates has become a huge part of her training, helping with total body strength, technique, injury prevention and recovery.


Clare holds a Masters Diploma in Pilates, a classical mat Pilates diploma teaching adults, children and Pre and Post Natal clients. She did this alongside a 12 month apprenticeship with Jo. Clare also holds qualifications in Exercise referral, Therapy Pilates, is a pelvic floor safe instructor and Biomechanics Trainer offering the iMoveFreely® programme.

Susie  Evea


Susie was introduced to the Pilates method after she had spinal surgery. It was a large part of her rehabilitation and she found it helped her become mobile again and enabled her to look after her three children.
She has completed the Masters Diploma in Pilates, a classical mat Pilates diploma teaching adults, children and Pre and Post Natal clients. She also completed a 14 month apprenticeship with Jo and is currently adding Exercise Referral specialisms to her training.
"I have really enjoyed the course I attended and found it most beneficial. Amongst the dozen or so Pilates instructors whose classes I have attended, Susie is one of the best." M.B. Feb 2017
Megan Jayawardena
Megan has come from a background in Dance, having begun Ballet at age 3 and then moved into Scottish Highland Dance, competing at Open Level until she was 19 and had to stop to focus on her studies and work. 
Whilst she managed to avoid many of the typical dance injuries, in 2000, while pregnant with her first child, Megan was in a car accident which affected her neck and spine.  By the time Megan had her third child, she was in constant pain and did not want to take medication, as she was allergic to it. 
Megan's GP suggested Pilates, which enabled her to return to pain-free movement and flow.  Pilates also enabled her to return to dance and sporting activities, which she had thought would be impossible. 
In 2011 Megan returned to teaching Aerobics and Dance, and in 2017 she completed her Mat Pilates training.  Megan loves sharing the joy of movement through Pilates, and she enjoys watching participants discover how it feels to move freely and without pain.  Megan has completed further training in Pilates for Osteoporosis, the Pelvic Floor and keeping active as we age. Megan hopes that her sessions are both challenging and playful and that participants feel lighter and stronger and more mobile each week.
Virginie Buckingham
Virginie is a Body Control Pilates mat teacher, she also teaches equipment and Springboard. She is a member of the Body Control Pilates Association.  Virginie is a contemporary, eclectic teacher who loves creating and trying out different exercises.Using the principles of Pilates she is passionate about exploring movement using various resouces such as functional range conditioning (FRC), primal movements, Yoga teachings, breathing techniques, balance training, standing work etc.  Virginie believes in teaching who she has in front of her rather than sticking to formula-type lesson plans, regardless of age, size, gender, level of fitness, strength, flexibility or ability.  Her style of teaching is inclusive, adapted and relaxing.  She is a dedicated student of Yoga and Buddhist meditation in her spare time and she strives to bring some of these elements in her teaching.  Virginie started Pilates when she was diagnosed as having osteoporosis.  She changed her lifestyle, her diet and got herself a dog to encourage her to walk every day.  Virginie believes that Pilates can heal and transform and she is a strong advocate and a testimony that the Pilates method works. 
Level 3 Matwork - Body Control Pilates
Active IQ Level 3 Diploma with the Register of Exercise Professionals
Reformer course - Lisa B Pilates academy for teachers
Springboard course - Lisa B Pilates academy for teachers
Emergency First Aid at work - Acute First Aid
Emergency paediatric first aid - Acute First Aid
Lyn Kyorov

Lyn trained with Polestar Pilates, a contemporary Pilates school originated in the US. Polestar’s method has direct links to students of Joseph Pilates himself, but has also been adapted based on the latest research into movement and Physiotherapy techniques. The emphasis is on applying Pilates in the context of injuries or restricted movement - this is Lyn’s main interest, teaching both group classes and 1:1.


When not teaching Pilates or with her family, Lyn can most often be found in the group exercise studio at local health clubs, where she teaches both cardio and conditioning type classes. Lyn found her passion for group exercise in her teens and for a long time balanced this with an office-based career. However, as time went on the aches and pains of a stressful lifestyle became too much...after missing one-too-many fitness classes due to work commitments, Lyn switched to pursue health and fitness as her main career...and never looked back!  Having used Pilates in particular to work on her own body, and seen the magic it can do, Lyn is all too keen to spread the word and share the far and wide as possible!!

Claire O'Hare
Claire is our lovely admin assistant who deals with all your enquiries and course bookings.
Paul Taylor

Paul is Jo's husband and as well as being the general equipment manager, he is also a student Pilates instructor having started his formal training in 2015. He can usually be found signing members into class, sorting equipment or helping out during Thursday evening sessions.

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