Better Body Training offers you a range of solutions to keep you moving freely whether you have back problems, are recovering from surgery,want to improve sports performance or simply feel tired and stressed from work.


We can improve your Posture, Balance, Core Control and Body Confidence as you safely and effectively Stretch, Lengthen, Re-Align and Tone with our support.


"Your happy, smiley face and positivity keeps me going every week and gets my lazy butt off the sofa…"

"I’m definitely finding it beneficial doing the weekly online classes. Helps me feel sane for an hour! "

"Thank you so very much for the Pilates sessions over the last weeks! It's been so fantastic doing the lessons with you, and I have loved each and every one of them. They don't just restore me physically from a day of typing and video calling, but also help hugely to maintain mental wellbeing at a time when my brain in struggling to focus on any long-term plans."


"Since attending Better Body Pilates classes I have been in less pain and have felt much more relaxed. I had been suffering with severe pain in my lower back and hip for a couple of years, but this has been vastly improved by attending regular classes.I had tried out a number of classes prior to attending Better Bodies and can honestly say that this is the best class I have attended. "


“Thank you for everything you have done to help me this year (and before!) have really got me moving and so much stronger.  You are such a fantastic Teacher and thank you for the perfect Programme!”

"Just wanted to thank you for running these classes – they are such a burst of sunshine in my day."


"Pilates has made such a positive difference to my physical well being and inflammatory osteoarthritis, so many thanks! "


“The difference from when I started is just incredible.”

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