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 Small Group Boutique Pilates

Yoga Mats

Personalised Pilates for Maximum Results


Discover the ultimate Pilates experience in our intimate boutique session, where every class is designed with your individual needs in mind.

With a maximum of six members per session, our focus is on providing personalised attention to ensure you achieve your fitness goals effectively and safely.


Why Choose Our Boutique Pilates Class?


**Individualised Attention**:

With only six participants per class, we can tailor exercises to your specific needs and fitness level. This ensures you receive the guidance and support necessary to perfect your form and maximise your progress.


 **Customised Workouts**:

Each session is carefully crafted to address your personal goals, whether you're looking to improve flexibility, build strength, enhance core stability, or rehabilitate an injury. Our small class size allows us to modify exercises to suit your unique requirements.


**Supportive Community**:

Join a close-knit group of like-minded individuals who share your passion for Pilates. Our welcoming and supportive environment fosters camaraderie and motivation, making every workout enjoyable and engaging.


Class Details:


Class Size: Maximum of 6 members per session

Duration: 55 minutes

Schedule: Tuesday 10.45am

Location: St Peters Church Hall, Hersham

All are welcome in this class whether you are living with long term conditions or are a beginner and want to build up gradually.

No experience needed.

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