Private Sessions with Jo Everill-Taylor


  • Looking for dedicated attention?

  • Prefer not to work in a group?

  • Not ready to re-join regular classes post surgery?

  • Need a personalised home programme?

  • Want on-going motivation and encouragement?

  • Work with your current clinical practitioner


There are many reasons why you may decide and prefer to have private Pilates sessions. You don't need to have a session every week- we work around your schedule to help you progress towards your goals. Some clients train weekly in the studio, others come once a month or just when they are in town to top up their home programme.

Call /email for a chat to see how we can help you.


Jo is an extremely experienced movement specialist - she typically deals with those people who find that regualr exercise and sessions are not for them- perhaps you have been ill or had surgery and you need a stepping stone back to health.


It's not unusual for clients to arrive with a walking stick or other restrictions and then be walking normally after a couple of sessions! You don't have to worry about getting down onto a mat as we can adapt everything we do to sitting on a chair or standing.


Often you will have finished physiotherapy yet still do not feel up to a regular class- no problem- we can work with you for a few weeks or months to return you back to your normal self. We can work with your physio /chiropractor/osteopath to help you get joined up treatment programmes.

Bronze Package

£60 - 1 Hour

Workout with an experienced trainer in our studio focusing on your goals and outcomes. ( Gold package must be completed first)

Gold Package


This session will last around 80 minutes and include

  • a thorough health and injury screening

  • a full postural analysis

  •  a biomechanics screening for muscle spasm and dysfunction which may be restricting both movement and the correct functioning of a joint

  • You will also receive a personalised home programme.

Silver Package

£65.00 - 1 Hour

Workout with an experienced trainer in our studio focusing on your goals and outcomes with the addition of a home programme to keep you on track and get faster, deeper results.

Platinum Thearpy Package


Perfect to kick start your recovery/fitness regime.

This includes the Gold package plus 2 further sessions after 2 weeks and 6 weeks to check on your technique, re-test to check for results and progress you along.

Private Clinic Times:

Monday 12.30pm-6.30pm

Tuesday 9am-6.30pm

Thursday 9am-4pm

Friday 9am-4pm

"I started with individual sessions with Jo - these are a brilliant way to really focus on understanding the exercises and getting your technique right - Jo is so skilled at working out just what is going on!"

JP, Occupational Therapist

"After 3 caesarean operations, and a damaged nerve in my leg, my posture, gait and core were terrible. I didn't do anything about it for 20 years. Then I had a few private sessions with Jo ( I couldn't do class as I live too far away). She gave me a program of exercises and I have been amazed by the physical change in me. I rarely limp, am more able to use my damaged leg, and feel much stronger overall. I have gone back to tap dancing, which I never thought possible. I would highly recommend Jo to anyone." Sue

"After 2 back surgeries, I have worked with Jo for 3 years and she has transformed my health, flexibility and strength. I have a daily routine of exercises that Jo is constantly tweaking to maintain interest and push me further. I have worked with a number of back specialists and Jo is the best" Simon

"I am a Pilates junkie. Both personally and professionally as a Chiropractor. The results are extraordinary. Jo and her team are able to create improvement in movement in almost all circumstances. Having trained with her now for 7 years through two pregnancies I can't recommend better bodies highly enough" Catherine

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