Pregnancy Pilates

  • Improve your birth experience

  • Keep your back strong and mobile

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor/core

  • Stabilise your pelvis

  • Optimise baby's position

  • Meet other mums-to-be

  • No Experience necessary


Pregnant and want to keep as fit and healthy as possible?


Join us for an hour to yourself to focus on maintaining good posture, back strength and pelvic floor function throughout this important time. We aim to prepare the body for a healthy, active birth and swift post-birth recovery.

Sessions include work on the upper body, pelvic floor/core, back mobility and optimal foetal positioning to set you up for the best birthing experience.


Sessions roll along in pre-paid courses around school terms.

Our sessions are taught by specially trained and qualified instructors to ensure safe and effective exercise.

Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy

  • Faster recovery post-baby so you can cope with the demands of a new baby (and often older siblings!)

  • Better preparation for an active birth, potentially leading to less intervention

  • Muscles and joints remain mobile

  • Reduce the risk of excess weight gain

  • Improve relaxation of both the body and the mind

  • Boost circulation helping to avoid the common complaints of cramps, piles, constipation and swelling!

  • Helps beat post natal depression

Most ladies feel well enough to start exercising once they've had their 12 week scan and any nausea and tiredness have settled a little.

It is safe to continue right through your pregnancy.

We know sometimes life doesn't pan out as you planned and that you may find yourself in a situation where you can't attend your pre-booked sessions.We are un-able to offer refunds or roll along sessions to the next block (this would mean many courses simply would not be viable to run) however to help we are able to offer up to 2 class passes to our Pay as You Go sessions once baby has arrived. These passes can not be used as payment against a course booking.

Tuesday 8.10pm

5th November to 10th December 2019

St Peter's Church Hall

Burwood Road

Hersham, KT12 4AA


"I have to say I think your pilates class made such a difference to my pregnancy, I was so active right til the end with no real complaints, and during labour the breathing technique we use in class was such a help - the midwives kept saying how good my breathing was! So I'm very grateful to you- thank you."

K.E. July 2013

"I can wholeheartedly say that Pilates has kept me moving during pregnancy. Having never missed a week when expecting my first baby, I had no aches and pains throughout. Second time around I had cause to miss three weeks of class, at the end of which I was suffering with a very sore back and stiffness! I learned the hard way just how important it is to stretch out and keep moving with Pilates to maintain my strength and flexibility."

L. H. July 2016

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