Post Natal Pilates Workshop
Saturday 30th November 2019

Recently had a baby?

Suffering from:

  • Separated abdominal muscles

  • Weak pelvic Floor

  • Tight and sore back muscles

  • Stiff neck from feeding and carrying

We understand these first few months can be overwhelming when you are looking after a baby and you barely have time to look after yourself.

We have designed our new Post Natal Pilates Workshops to fit in with your busy schedule.

Each workshop is 2 hours to yourself to learn how to re-build and strengthen your body for all the demands life with a little one, throws at you. 

What we will cover:

  • We will teach you safe core activation as well as exercises to ensure correct biomechanical functioning as your body returns to its normal post baby posture.

  • We will teach you progressive pelvic floor activation techniques and check your pelvic stability.

  • We’ll check for any separation of the abdominals and teach you techniques to help with Rectus Diastasis (abdominal separation) recovery.

  • We will teach you self-massage techniques to release off those areas of tension and soreness.

  • You'll go home with a programme to help you achieve your goals.

  • You will also receive nutritional support via email.



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Jo Everill-Taylor has 18 years of experience working within health and fitness with 14 years working with post-natal mums. She is a national tutor and presenter, teaching other instructors the techniques she has successfully used to help women re-build their bodies after giving birth.

“I’m passionate about informing, teaching and empowering women at this important time in their lives- helping them make the most of those special times with their families by being confident in their bodies and moving freely”

Your Instructor

Jo Everill-Taylor

"Your post natal course  has made such a super difference to my core stability post Abby's birth. I feel so refreshed the day after the class so big thank you at Better Body Pilates!"  S.C Hersham

"By the way I am totally loving the sessions, I already feel so much better and feel like I am on the road to getting my old body back!" J.T. Addlestone

"I wanted to say thanks again for a brilliant session yesterday. I really appreciated the time and effort Jo had put in to make it so bespoke for post natal mothers. I learnt a lot and felt very centred afterwards! I came to try to improve my core but realised during the sessions that there were many other issues to think about and more importantly solutions for those issues! With the thoughtful handouts I will try to keep the exercises up!"

E.W. March 2019

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Remember you will need to have been signed off to exercise- so your 6 week check or 8-12 weeks check for a C-section.

Use the link above to book.

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