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Pay as You Go Pilates

These Pilates sessions offer an effective way to improve how your body functions and feels so you stand straighter, move more freely and look and feel better. No need to commit to a course- just pay for the sessions you attend.


  • Improve posture 

  • Flatten Abs 

  • Improve flexibility 

  • Improve strength

  • Ease pain and stiffness 

  • Socialise 

  • Maintain optimum body function 

Our mixed ability sessions are suitable for all levels, whether you are a beginner or already have prior experience.

We also have a Level 1 session- Body Care Pilates- if you are looking for a very gentle introduction to exercise.


We have people from all walks of life in session- whether it is to become more flexible, improve their golf, run faster marathons or just feel good about themselves. 


We aim to get the body working as a whole kinetic chain, strengthening and lengthening the muscles and re-aligning imbalances. This also makes it ideal for cross-training with all your other sports and activities!

Class Information:

You will need to bring a mat but we supply all other equipment used in class. You will need to complete a registration form before you can attend one of our classes, please email claire@betterbodypilates.co.uk for more information. Once registered you can simply turn up to class.

For Health & Safety reasons we have a limit of how many we can allow in each class, places are offered on a first come first served basis.


Wednesday 10am

Mixed Ability

St James' Parish Centre

27 Church Street

Weybridge, KT13 8DF

No Class 08 April & 15 April

£10 Per Session

Loyalty Card £90 for 10 sessions




Body Care Pilates

All Saints Catholic Church Hall

13 Queens Road

Hersham, KT12 5LU

No Class 09 April & 16 April

£10 per session

Loyalty Card £90 for 10 sessions

Thursday 8.15pm

Mixed Ability

All Saints Catholic Church Hall

13 Queens Road

Hersham, KT12 5LU

No Class 09 April & 16 April

£10 per session

Loyalty Card £90 for 10 sessions

"I have just done your Pilates class at Weybridge this morning.  I write to say how much I enjoyed it!!  The word of praise at the end regarding my flexibility made me feel like a flower basking in sunshine.  Very encouraging and you have a great,enthusiastic manner."


"I joined the class approx 6 months ago after undergoing 2 full knee replacements within the last 2 years one of which was only 13 months ago.

The classes have been fantastic in helping with my leg strength and stability, knee replacement healing can take up to 2 years and the Pilates has definitely helped.

I have also had issues with pain and stiffness in both shoulders and l have found a significant improvement both in the pain and movement in both! Clare is a fantastic and very patient instructor who appreciates all our aches and pains and gives alternative moves to help with individual conditions. I can highly recommend these classes! "


These useful handmade Pilates cushions are made to order in a choice of  fabrics.  They offer comfort and improved alignment to help you in class.

1 x Cushion - £8.00

2 x Cushion - £16.00

3 x Cushion - £22.00

Click on the Buy Now Button below to order yours

These sessions run as Pay As You Go.

£10 per session

Or buy a session pass for £90 for access to 10 sessions.

Cash or card accepted.

New members will need to pre-register before joining one of these classes, please email claire@betterbodypilates.co.uk for more information

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Surrey, KT12 5EX


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