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Men on Mats


  • Have years of office work taken their toll on your posture?

  • Does your golf or tennis game need a helping hand?

  • Want to improve your strength and flexibility?

  • Need some quiet time?!


Think Pilates is just for the ladies? Wrong!  No need to wade into a sea of pink Pilates mats each week as this session is programmed just for guys.


The course is designed to help you discover your core, improve your strength and work on your flexibility.


It will help your body deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life whether that is sitting at a desk or carrying and lifting tools, helping protect your back from overuse and wear and tear.


A typical class starts with a standing preparation phase- we get the body loosened off and then go down to the mat- we work lying on our backs, fronts, sides, in all 4’s and kneeling- there are lots of options for anyone who can’t work in a particular position for whatever reason.


Class Information:

You will need to bring a mat and drink of water, but all other equipment is provided.  

Please note, this is a class for men only! Ladies are welcome at any of our other classes and courses.

Monday 8.30pm

24th February to 30th March 2020

Main Hall

Ashley CofE Primary School

Walton on Thames, KT12 1HX


Thursday 9.30am

27th February to 2nd April 2020

Main Hall

All Saints Catholic Church Hall

Hersham, KT12 5LU


1 Ashton Close,



Surrey, KT12 5EX


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Tel: 07957 571 513

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