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Gentle Foundations Pilates

Beginner Pilates Older Adult

If you are looking to boost your health and fitness but not sure where to start, then these sessions are ideal to get you going.

Or perhaps you've had a break from exercise, or just prefer to work at a slower pace.

We cover all the basics of the Pilates method at a Gentle pace.

•             Mobilise your spine

•             Strengthen your core

•             Improve your posture

•             Relax and re-align


All are welcome at our Gentle Foundations Pilates courses whether you are living with long term conditions or are a beginner and want to build up gradually.

No experience needed.

If you are unsure if you will like Pilates, then why not book a trial class below......

The Spring/Summer Term starts on the 11th April 2024

End of Term 23rd July 2024

Struggling to Get to A Class?
Try our Instant Access Digital Course for Beginners...

What we will cover

These classes will build your knowledge and execution of the basics of Pilates: so focusing on how to mobilise your back, how to switch on your core muscles, understanding the breathing patterns and working in different positions.

Your instructor will work with you to get the optimum alignment and work with you any problem areas.

Our Gentle Foundation Pilates course covers all the basics of this fabulous method to leave you feeling happier, healthier, stronger, more supple and with a lovely sense of well-being!


All are welcome to our Gentle Foundation Pilates sessions including anyone with special conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis & osteoporosis or if you just prefer to work at a slower pace.

We can always modify the exercises around any issues or injuries, so there's no need to be worried that you won't be able to do everything in class.

Please check our membership options HERE


We always encourage you to work at your own pace and respect what your body needs.

If you have any questions, then contact our Exercise Director Jo

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