Gentle Foundations Pilates

Are you tired of feeling stiff and sore, have you lost a lot of flexibility, are you feeling unfit, weak and stressed?

  • Improve posture 

  • Flatten Abs 

  • Improve flexibility 

  • Improve strength

  • Ease pain and stiffness 

  • Socialise 

  • Maintain body function


Join one of our Gentle Foundation Pilates courses to enjoy all the basics of this fabulous method that will leave you feeling happier, healthier, stronger, more supple and with a lovely sense of well-being!


The course will build your knowledge and execution of the basics of Pilates: so focusing on how to mobilise your back, how to switch on your core muscles, understanding the breathing patterns and working in different positions.


Your instructor will support you to get optimum alignment and work on any problem areas.


All of your Pilates favourites are included but at a gentle, fluid pace.


Monday 1.30pm

4th November to 9th December 2019

St Johns Church Hall, The Furrows, Walton on Thames, KT12 3JQ.


Friday 10.45am

8th November to 13th December 2019

St Peter's Church Hall

Burwood Road

Hersham, KT12 4AA


Wednesday 11am

6th November to 11th December 2019


St James Parish Centre, Weybridge, KT13 8DN




7th November to 12th December 2019


St Peter's Church Hall

Burwood Road

Hersham, KT12 4AA


"I now do two classes a week and credit Better Body Training with improving my core strength, flexibility and balance so much that my GP is amazed at my almost total recovery following a stroke. I am over 70 and also have arthritis which is kept at bay doing Pilates moves in class and at home for a few minutes daily. The instructors are excellent and the groups are small, so supervision is such that no-one is likely to hurt themselves."


"Please can I ask you to send Clare my best wishes and thank her for teaching the foundations so perfectly! I am now completely hooked on pilates and it's down to you both!!"

A.H. Oct 2015

"Really enjoyed the class yesterday evening.  It was paced just right for me and I didn't feel under any pressure to do more than I can."

K.N. Feb 2015

1 Ashton Close,



Surrey, KT12 5EX

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